30 Aug

Content Marketing & SEO – Take Your Content from Zero to Optimized Hero

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Are you wondering why SEO and Content Marketing important to one another? The confusion is basically, how these two elements fit together? In this blog, we will take a quick tour of content marketing and SEO and how you can integrate these two and get boost up results from each of them. The main part is SEO and content marketing are both jewels of digital marketing.

In any SEO agency, you will see that the Content and SEO go hand in hand which creates a strong content marketing strategy. And you can’t ignore anyone of it otherwise; you will miss out a lot of potentials. As Google needs to know what exactly are you trying to rank.

You can’t create content in a vacuum, you can’t throw out any random blogs, topic or keyword, hoping they will stick without doing any research or strategizing. For SEO agency to see any profitable traffic and high- quality inbound leads through user search, you must strategize your content around strong SEO strategy.


Marketing is all about being in the right place at the right time. In past, content marketers also rely on the social media or emails to get the message out to their prospective customers. But all of these have changed now, due to Search Engine Marketing we know our listings are seen right when people are searching for that information. And the plus point is that when your content ranks organically, you get free exposure in the natural search results. This benefits you to improve brand awareness, drives engagement with your business.

In simple words, if I say, content marketing supercharges SEO by making link building easier.


  • The Topic Creation –

If you start your strategy with the topic area which will guide your audience research, keyword research, and SEO content creation. This will benefit you in writing a customer- focused content that converts. Whenever a topic comes to your mind, gradually make a list of worthy topics that will generate a high level of engagement. Analyzing on the topic will also help you to find what is needed to reach the largest audience.

  • Know About Your Target Audience –

Before starting your strategy, It very important to know about your audience. Take much as you need, as the research you carry out will have a huge impact on the rest of the campaigns. In the end, you are content is there to achieve a goal and without an engaging audience, you will not be able to achieve the goal.

To know your audience –

  • Check out your competitor’s target – Look at their followers on social media, blogs comment, don’t target the same audience. But yes figure out how you can branch out.
  • Outline the benefits of your services – Determine the type of people who might need it.
  • Conduct Surveys – Figure out what prospects are actually thinking about your service. You can also include any common question which you can answer in your content.

Most importantly your reader must feel engaged with your content. Simply saying building a relationship with your audience through your content is the key.

  • Keyword Research – So, now we come to the keyword research. After you are aware of the expertise, targeting audience this entire combine together and help you to get super effective keyword research. In any SEO campaigns, the keyword research is the crucial part. So, it is very important to long tail-keyword and implements in the content carefully. Because only the keyword research will help to increase your content rank.
  • Optimized Intelligently – Okay so, once your high ROI keywords in hand, you can pump up your content during creation. It will make sure to grab every chance for search engines to rank your content. The optimized intelligently includes –
  • Using targeted keywords in H1, H2 and meta description
  • Making your content relevant, high value and comprehensive
  • Stick to your consistent publishing schedule.

So, once you have created and launched your content with SEO work, be sure to build a report or dashboard based on your content goals. With this, you can keep a track of the performance of your content on a regular basis.

Finally, with these golden rules, creating a content marketing strategy with SEO will be just cherry on the cake.

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