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On July 1, 2023, standard Universal Analytics will stop recording data. Don’t lose your year-over-year data about the store activity, and make sure your Google Analytics 4 are set up or start migrating NOW.

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Google Analytics GA4 is an upgraded version of Google Analytics that is a new standard to measure your website and apps’ traffic and performance from one location.

GA4 is the most advanced analytics platform and it’s completely free. However, if you are still using Universal Analytics, you need GA4 migration as Google has announced that Universal Analytics will no longer process data starting from July 1, 2023. 

GA4 has the most updated technologies and it’s rich in features to help your online growth. You need to migrate to GA4 to continue measuring and monitoring your website’s online performance. The tricky part is after July 1, 2023 you will not be able to extract your historical data; to stay ahead in the market you need to act fast and now.

We provide GA4 migration services for smooth data transition.

How to Migrate from Universal Analytics to GA4

Google has announced that they will stop receiving data in Universal Analytics from 2023; so if you are still using Universal Analytics it’s time to buckle up and start with GA4 migration.

These two platforms are completely different and require specific strategies to maintain data. This transition is not just a copy-paste work so you will need expert involvement to ensure that the data is moved safely.

We will use a phased migration process for a smooth transition:

  • Setup standard and advanced tracking that includes GTM (Google Tag Manager), event tracking, eCommerce tracking, and more to create insightful reports
  • Setup your property (i.e. Website or app etc) in GA4 analytics to maintain historical GA4 data with BigQuery streaming
  • Configure GA4 setup to enhance the user interface and custom reports of your website and app
  • Integrate your GA4 accounts to Google Ads to monitor your Ads campaigns in the Google Ads campaigns report
  • Export complete historical data from Universal Analytics safely and more
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Reasons to Migrate GA4

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Universal Analytics properties will stop receiving and processing data

Google has confirmed that as of July 1, 2023, Standard Universal Analytics will no longer receive and process data. You will not be able to track your website, blogs, or mobile applications.

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AI-Driven for Enhanced Predictive Analytics

GA4 is equipped with machine learning to derive valuable insights and analytics. This will help in identifying hidden patterns, and current & future trends, and will receive recommendations to improve your marketing strategies.


GA4 is a new peculiar analytics tool with a variety of new capabilities

This migration will change your analytics methods. Even though GA4 API is introduced as an upgrade to UA, it is a separate tool with a completely new data structure.

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Historical data will not be accessible from Universal Analytics in GA4

You need GA4 migration to secure your data. If your data is not migrated on time, your historical data will not be accessible as GA4 Analytics doesn’t allow this.


Features of GA4 Analytics

These 8 key advancements have will revolutionized your business​

GA4 migration will enable you to track across multiple devices, platforms, and channels, giving you deeper insights into user behavior and expectations.

Advanced Cross-Platform Tracking

GA4 analytics understands user behavior at an individual level, with its user-centric reporting you can track and analyze the actions and patterns of specific users.

Customer & User-Centric Analysis

It helps in optimizing marketing and sales funnels with ease, by identifying bottlenecks, drop-offs, and opportunities for improvement throughout the customer journey.

Streamlined Funnel Analysis

With the advanced privacy features GA4 API allows you to maintain control over your data. You can customize data retention settings and compliance with global privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

Enhanced Data Controls

It enables real-time reporting capabilities with up-to-date data insights. It helps you make conscious business decisions and adapt to changing trends.

Real-Time Reporting & Analysis

GA4 API is seamlessly integrated with Google Ads. This enables you to get a clear view of the performance of your advertising campaigns and optimize your ad spending.

Deeper Integration with Google Ads:

Grow Your Business With Google Analytics 4 Migration Services ?

Our GA4 Services

What are the improvements of GA4, how is it better than Universal Analytics

Preparing as per requirements

We review and understand the unique data tracking needs of your business. We analyze your setup and provide tailored GA4 migration services for your site. We ensure a smooth transition by designing essential requirements to implement dataLayer to entitle the full potential of your data.

  • Audit your current data tracking system
  • Plan new site infrastructure and tracking
  • Implement dataLayer requirements development
  • Implement Data tracking tech requirements
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Using DataLayer for Analytics

Using dataLayer, we will streamline your website’ real-time event tracking and dynamic data sharing. We will help you get exemplary Google data tracking, minimize the risk of misinformation, and provide custom solutions for any additional tracking needs for your business. We assure you of the highest data accuracy and compliance with your specific requirements.

  • Attach dataLayer events as they appear in the store
  • Process dynamic information to all data collection services and make any adjustments as required
  • Refrain from writing custom logic for each interaction
  • Restrict misinformation risks
  • QA & Audit and OOTB data tracking 
  • Custom dataLayer events for customized requirements for additional tracking 

Setup & configuration of properties

Red Dash Media offers tailored GA4 migration and creates the best Analytics environment to suit your business need. We help you create and configure GA4 properties, set up advanced measurements, data filtration & retention, and link your Analytics. We ensure scrupulous detail to manage Test and Production properties to provide you with the best analytics setup.

  • Creation and configuration of GA4 property and setting Test and Production properties
  • Advanced Measurement configurations
  • Filtering data configurations
  • Configuring Data Retention 
  • Configuring Custom definitions
  • GA setup and linking
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Go-live process

To ensure a successful and smooth GA4 migration there are certain actions that need to be taken care of.

  • Quality Assurance of DataLayer 
  • Quality Assurance of Analytics data flow
  • Quality Assurance of Google Analytics & GA4 KPI data
  • Monitoring the transactions are reported correctly

Post-go-live actions

After the Go-Live, there are certain actions required to confirm the migration accuracy.

  • Identifying post-go-live issues and fixing them
  • Resolve low-priority issues which weren’t fixed before the Go-Live
  • Reporting the sources 
  • Comparing the transaction data between different platforms like back-end to Google Analytics
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Grow Your Business With Google Analytics 4 Migration Services ?​

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Google Analytics 4 is an upgraded version of Universal Analytics. This is an advanced platform to help you measure and track your website, blogs, mobile apps, and more. It has a user-friendly dashboard and user-centric interface which can inform your web and app designs, marketing content, and even sales decisions.

The standard version is free, however an upgrading option to the paid version called GA4 360 is also available. Our expert will understand your business needs and recommend the best version to meet your requirements.

Google has announced that after July 1, 2023, Universal Analytics will not receive any data. GA4 is an upgraded version of Universal Analytics, it will mitigate the limitations of UA. Furthermore, after July 1, 2023, UA will discontinue.

The historical data will be only temporarily available in UA till December 2023 post that you would not be able to access the historical data if you have not taken a backup.

A. Yes GA4 has feature-rich tools which will help you track your website as well as mobile applications.