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Red Dash Media Marketing Agency in NYC, is an experienced and full-funnel Ad company. As the digital world is expanding daily, the competition is also growing at a fast pace. So, to stay ahead of your numerous competitors, we offer a series of marketing services that will skyrocket your business to the peak.

At our marketing agency in NYC, we operate with a team of experienced marketers, who are constantly on their toes, exploring new tech that can keep business on top of the marketing game. With our techs, skills and experienced set of marketers, we take businesses to the targets and the top!

Also, we understand that the current marketing space needs both planning and execution. Therefore, we work with business owners to develop the best marketing practices for them as well as ensure that the implementation of the plans is done seamlessly and cohesively across several marketing mediums.

What makes us stand out?

  • We utilize a detailed cross-channel method
  • We offer brand response marketing
  • We operate with Facebook and Google directly
  • We possess committed innovative in-house division

What do we offer?

As a renowned Marketing Agency in NYC, we are committed to helping a business grow in strength and capacity. We do not just take a business to the top, but we help them stay there. We ensure that the business enjoys traffic and conversions from all the four corners of the digital world – something we do by offering the following services:

Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Currently, Facebook and Instagram boast a massive number of users. Hence, we leverage Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads to full effect. By so doing, we present businesses to the world in a quick, smart and productive way.

Google and YouTube Advertising

Without any doubt, Google is a force to be reckoned with, when it comes to marketing. At our Marketing Agency in NYC, we utilize Google Ads, among other marketing tools, and ensure that your business comes up on the front page of the widely used search engine. Also, we will promote your business products and services among the millions of YouTube subscribers.

Email and Messenger Marketing

One of the oldest yet effective means of advertising is Email and Messenger Marketing. With the two platforms, your business products or services will be, literarily, taken to your targeted audience.

Conversions Rate Optimization

Perhaps, you have performed online marketing before, only to see leads and traffics without any meaningful conversion. Don’t worry; we have the solution. We will help advertise your business to those who need your products and services the most. Consequently, we generate traffic as well as optimize the conversion rates.

Influencer Marketing Management

We promote business products and services through social influencers that have the most suitable audience and with a massive number of followings. All we have to do is to present your business in a well-detailed, engaging, personalized contents or innovative video. Before long, colossal traffic will be directed to your business website.

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If you have any inquiries which you would like to make, kindly reach out to our customer service representatives at +1 732-853-1187 or send us an email on We will be glad to start working with you and your business.

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