We manage your brand’s reputation and communications through different media channels. We help cultivate a positive impression for your brand in the public eye.

Public Relation Solutions To Leverage The Public Perception Of Your Brand

Public Relations is one of the best approaches to enhance your online presence and to create a positive impact on the target audience. We use popular social media platforms to execute digital marketing campaigns that help improve brand awareness, improves search rankings, and generates sales. We have, through experience, gathered the skills of expert storytelling using all forms of media. By using the right strategies we help develop and shape a good online reputation for your business. Our targeted public relations solutions work in sync with your business’s marketing strategy to derive the best results.

Why Should You Invest In Public Relations?

Digital PR is one of the driving forces of your business’s online growth and a well-formulated strategy can work wonders for your business. Our public relations solutions are tailored to the specific needs of your industry and help your brand get exposure among the targeted audience. PR solutions involve winning media mentions for your business across a range of outlets and increasing referral traffic to your website. By publishing high-quality and engaging content on high-authority sites via guest posts we establish authority within your niche. We also gain quality backlinks that improve your site SEO and by using multiple social media channels for promotion, we make sure to leave a solid digital footprint.

How Does Public Relations Work?

Digital PR plays a crucial role in enhancing the online presence of a business and in building a good rapport with the audience.

Developing PR Strategies

A PR strategy is developed based on the business goals. A PR agency usually develops a strategy tailored to meet the specific business goals of a particular business. This strategy involves the tactics and methodologies to be implemented for growing organic traffic, building backlinks, etc.

Pitching To Media Outlets

Guest posts, interviews, media mentions, etc are some of the core outputs of public relations. Putting forward effective pitches to different media outlets to increase niche authority is super important.

Keyword Research And Strategy

An in-house team of SEO strategists conducts keyword research to rank your business for the users’ queries and also identify the owned media content that needs to be created.

Creating Quality Content

Writing compelling and interactive content that engages the audience and answers their query. A competent PR agency is skilled at writing different types of captivating content.

Develop Social Media Strategy

Social media is of the most effective tools in developing a positive reputation for your business. A digital PR agency manages the social media channels, gather feedbacks and launch campaigns that work towards the betterment of your business’s public relations.

Our Process

We follow a three-directional approach to managing the communication and reputation of your brand. We use the following media channels to spread your brand information and build a good relationship with the audience.

Owned Media

Owned media is our primary focus when building a PR strategy. We make use of owned media like blog posts, social media posts, email newsletters, and website copy to improve your PR activity. When someone talks about your brand or products online they will most likely add a link to your owned media, which helps gain traffic.
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Paid Media

We make use of paid media campaigns like social media advertising and pay-per-click (PPC) to promote your business and increase its visibility in the marketing world. Paid media campaign also ensures that your content is placed in front of the right people.
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Earned Media

Lastly, we focus on earned media to improve the online reputation of your business. While earned media campaigns like getting mentions in reviews and news, high search engine rankings, and praise from consumers on a social channel is a little time-consuming, it helps improve your brand’s public relations greatly.
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How Does Public Relations Work?

Social Media Engagement

Since social media is one of the primary sources of managing public relations, tracking social media engagements give us an idea of how the targeted audience is interacting with your brand. We monitor the views, likes, shares, comments, and impressions to determine the level of brand awareness and audience engagement.

Website Traffic

An increase in website traffic is a sign that the PR efforts are working. We track the site traffic after the press releases and other PR campaigns go live. Our site analytics system gives us an idea of how the visitors have reached the website and we replicate the same PR efforts in the future.

Social Shares

We track the social shares regularly to determine the success of a PR campaign. Users sharing your content means that they find it enjoyable and it gives a good measure of your brand’s reputation. We identify the type of content that is most shared and we create more similar content for user engagement.

Brand Mentions

Brand mentions are a measure of brand awareness. Our PR tactics are curated in a way that focuses on user engagement and earns brand mentions. The mentions can be in the form of mentions in blogs, social media, or in a review. We keep track of all the brand mentions to understand the level of brand awareness.


We use effective link-building techniques to make it easy for your targeted audience to click through to your website and it also gives us an easy way to track the web traffic and click-through rates on your site. Backlinks also compliment the SEO efforts.

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PR Services We Offer

Online Reputation Management

We understand that positive reviews and online reputation can make or break your business growth. We use industry-leading ORM practices to generate positive reviews for your business, improve the customer lifetime value (CLV), manage online crises, and make your business appealing to high-intent prospects.

Social Media Advertising

We use social media advertising like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Twitter ads to increase your site visibility and target the ideal audience. We also track the ad results to understand if the ad campaign is working and whether it needs adjustment.

Social Media Brand Management

Social media brand management is integral to developing a positive audience perception and increasing conversions. We craft customized social media brand strategies that help build a positive brand identity and communicates your brand message efficiently to the targeted users.

Content Creation

Your website’s content is important in creating a good impression on your targeted consumers and it is also the reason why many people visit your website. Writing high-quality and precise content in a structured manner using high-performing keywords and appealing images can improve your public relations and drive more traffic to your website.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is a great way to promote your brand and to connect with the key audience. We use paid search engine marketing campaigns to boost the customer buying process. Placing your ads in front of the right audience at the right time increases your brand value greatly.

Website Audit And Reporting

Our website audit services give insight into the performance of the online marketing efforts. It gathers information about the gaps in the data collection process that hinder the progress of online marketing efforts and subsequently impacts public relations negatively. We also create customizable reports with recommended solutions.


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The goal of a PR campaign is to enhance your brand’s awareness with various online marketing tactics and other methodologies. It helps reach a broader audience base that cannot be reached by offline methods.
A good PR campaign is one that aligns with the goals and objectives of the business and delivers meaningful results. The goals of the PR campaign should be realistic, purposeful, and measurable.
PR is mainly focused on improving brand awareness, creating a positive public opinion of the brand, and also deal with online crises like bad reviews, etc. Digital marketing, on the other hand, is more focused on promoting the brand to increase conversion.
PR and SEO can be combined together to help each other. Earned media from PR efforts can have a good impact on the SEO and keyword rankings and at the same time, SEO tactics can help optimize the links from earned media coverage.
A PR or strategy is a blueprint of the methods, techniques, and channels that a PR agency will use to broadcast the key messages of the brand to the targeted audience.


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