Let’s start by looking at a few facts

Consumers nowadays research products online before going to the store, or in some cases, buy them online.

Over the past two years, the “near me” feature of Google has seen a significant increase.

Websites with stronger keywords rank 1.5 spots higher than the ones with no keywords.

Any given website ranks on Google based on its content and link building.

Website ranking on the first page of Google is absolutely necessary to generate huge volumes of leads for conversion. Search engine optimization agencies understand that making a website to that top spot requires strategy, persistence, knowledge, and dedication. There is no substitute that can get you that top spot.

Red Dash Media is a multi-faceted SEO company that designs the websites to perform in tandem with the search engines. We do so by building each web page to work on a different keyword or search term. To keep the website search engine friendly, we utilize several SEO tools like website audit and link strategy.

We understand that any digital investment made, is to increase ROI. Considering this, we build websites with a style that combines cutting edge designs, tools, strategy for a user- friendly experience to offer you the best SEO service.

Our wide array of NJ Search Engine Optimization services, along with our years of experience makes us the ideal choice for you to count on with your website. When strategizing for SEO, certain key elements should be kept in mind to help attain the best result. Elements are divided based on whether the strategy formulated is On Page or Off Page SEO.

On Page SEO


The content on a website is essential for the success of the NJ Search Engine Optimization strategy. Content should be such that it is relevant to the customer and at the same time intrigues them. Rich content helps with SEO in a much better and effective way.


Keywords are words or phrases that users type into search engines such as Google to find a website or a particular service. Having relevant or relatable keywords in your content is a must for your website to be found organically in the search engine results pages. A good keyword is one which had been requested a lot of times in the search engine and is significantly relateable or connected to your business industry or expertise.

Meta Tags & Description

You must have seen those one or two lines below each search listing that gives us minor details about the link and usually it helps us decide whether or not to go to that link. Those few words are known as meta tags and descriptions which are essential for driving traffic to your website. Those sentences layout a general idea for the customer in relation to their query.

Off Page SEO


Backlinks are the digital world’s word of mouth. They are essentially well curated and written content posted on different blogs and websites which people can read and this further encourages people to talk about your business online.

Search Engine Optimization is a necessity these days with cut throat competition in every industry and every category and one needs all the help they can get to gather any competitive edge possible.

Online Directories

Online directories help increase your visibility on multiple websites. That, along with positive customer reviews can drive further traffic to your website generating more business and helping you grow further.

Social Media

Social media is one of the best available platforms for businesses to explore new audiences, update people on what’s going on in your business and at the same time interact with customers, all the while promoting your product or brand and posting content related to your product, brand or industry.

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