Search Engine Optimization


Let’s start by looking at a few facts-

  • Shopping habits of the consumers dictate that they research products online before actually going to the store to find out the best in the category.
  • Over the past two years the “near me” feature of Google saw a significant increase.
  • Websites with stronger keywords rank 1.5 spots higher than the ones with no keywords.
  • 72% of the consumers visit a local store within 5 miles who did a local search.
  • Any given website ranks on Google based on its content and link building.



Website ranking on the first page of Google is absolutely necessary to generate huge volumes of leads for conversion. Taking a website to that top spot requires strategy, persistence, knowledge and dedication. There is no special magic wand that can be waved to get a top ranking website.

We put in all the efforts to get you to the top spot of the search results. We say we are the best SEO Company in New Jersey only because we have the best team of SEO consultants, content marketers and social media specialists who deliver the results you want to see.

Red Dash Media is an SEO service company that designs the websites to perform the best in search engines. We do so by building each web page to work on a different keyword or search term. To keep the website search engine friendly we utilize a number of SEO tools like website audit, comprehensive website audit, link strategy. To keep up with the constantly evolving technologies, every modern Company needs to have ahead of the rest with its online presence. This is where our search engine marketing team can put your Company firmly on the map.

We understand that any digital investment is to increase the ROI. Considering this we build websites with a style that combines the cutting edge designs, tools, strategies for a user friendly interface.

How we craft exceptional experiences

Innovate, evolve and mutate your business to discover new frontiers that bring tangible results.

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Website analysis

We start by auditing a website based on its usability, the rate of propensity of people to link to it and how friendly the site is to the search engine spiders. We start from the ground level work to make sure we do not miss on anything important. It gives us an insight about the repairs that needs to be done on the website. It gives us an idea of what changes are to be made to increase the traffic.

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Keyword research

Our keyword research is based on the idea that the site architecture should logically flows. We keep this harmony keeping in mind the way users search for related keywords. It is through keyword research that we keep our ears to the ground to ensure that we never fall out of touch with the target audience. It is through keyword research that we understand which content to market.

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Website optimization

People are unpredictable no matter how well you know the target audience. We come up with different hypotheses every time that gives a better understanding of the audience. This also includes content development. A high quality content that has SEO value is of paramount importance. A useful and compelling content influences the website ranking more than any other factor.

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We implement the right steps in your website with a proven system which makes it easy for us to increase the website traffic. We make sure that the traffic is not a fleeting and temporary one. Relevancy is the key when we target traffic. We aim to provide easy to understand, informative and relevant content. All of these works to increase the click through rate to bring about productive organic results for your business.

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We present monthly reports that statistically show the traffic generated from day one, improvement in the rankings and how impactful the overall website has been so far. We believe that we can improve only if we can measure. The measurement is critical because of the ins and outs of ranking, referrals, links and much more. The reporting and the findings from it later helps us to fuel a more effective strategy.



Our rigorous efforts, monitoring and data testing of the SEO services boost organic traffic and convert the website visitors into loyal customers. We start by completely analyzing the current architecture and meta tags of your page so that we can come with a strategy that organically places your website at the top.

Our search engine marketing team incorporates on-page and off-page SEO techniques that effectively results in more visitors to your website.

Tailoring an SEO strategy is unique for every business but the basic rundown remains the same for any search engine marketing scheme.


  • SEO consultationWorld class SEO consulting by identifying the problems and developing strategies.
  • Local SEOLocal keywords to connect with local customers for organic results.
  • National SEOMore keywords in better positions for nationwide exposure.
  • Link buildingWe build authority from digital to content marketing for better authority.
  • E-commerce SEOWe develop best SEO services and strategies for maximum exposure of your products.
  • SEO auditsWe perform a technical analysis of the website for the best results.

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