15 SEO Trends that will Hype up your Business in 2019

Want to make 2019 a year with pop, bang or sizzle? If yes, then adapt the forecast trends of SEO market in the new year. In recent ages, Google has become smarter and is investing in a lofty manner and that’s where SEO trends 2019 take place. Let’s starts with SEO trends that will help you ascend in the SERPs and earn more profit in 2019.

1- Google RankBrain: The Easiest Explanation

RankBrain was introduced to the online world in 2015 and is the only Artificial Intelligence (AI). Defining in the very modest context, RankBrain helps Google to understand what user wants to search and sort them accordingly. It is said to be the major factor in the future of SEO 2019.

RankBrain includes only two yet major factors that define the algorithm.

1- Dwell Time= How long a user stays on the page.

2- Click Through Rate= How many percentages of users are clicking the page.

Question- How it actually splurges SERPs rank?

Google Brain in Canada confirmed that Dwell time acts as the ranking signal for Google and hence, it is said to be Google’s third most important ranking signal.

Let’s understand with an example.

There are two pages. One is at the top rank with the name P1 and the other is at the 5th rank named P5. You click on the alluring title of P1 but, doesn’t find anything prevalent and lefts the page instantly and clicks P5. Now, you see something very good and reads the full content with vicinity.

All this will be tracked by RankBrain and will uprank the P5 as it has all the aspects of the algorithm.

  • Many users clicked on the page (CTR).
  • Fewer People bounced from the page.
  • Users fulfilled the average dwell time of 3 minutes and 10 seconds.

2- Playing like a CTR Pro

To flourish your organic search results, adding answer boxes, carousels, advertisements, “Any Queries”, “Click on me” sections and many more.

How you can become CTR Expert?

According to our SEO news experts, 2019 year is going to become the most crucial for digital marketers as audiences have become smarter and precise about their needs. It is very important to know the preferences of your potential customers. Thereby, marketers are using voice, text, video or images, long-tail keywords, amiable meta description, informative content, enticing images, Gifs, eye-catching title, and descriptive URLs.

Percentage Graph showing the number of clicks on different means.

3- Ascend your Content with Featured Snippet

It is estimated Featured Snippets will steal the glam of CTR in 2019. According to SEMrush, around 11.3% of SERP now endeavoring feature snippet. The trend is to become “0” before “1” for attaining more clicks.

How will your content appear in the Featured Snippet?

1- The content should rank in the top 10, else featured snippet is impossible to use.

2- Search keywords that already scored good rank.

3- Create a snipper bait of 40 to 60 words.

4- Try to use paragraphs snippet.

5- Give H2 and H3 subheadlines as it will be picked by the Google to display at rank “0”.

6- Be more organized with the table snippet.

4- Content is Always the King

Gone are those days when Google would check HTML for ample keywords density in the title tag, image ALT text, description tag, H1 tag, and URL. In the nutshell, the use of a specific keyword was winning the search results.

However, Google has become smarter than ever and it is looking for content length and its depth to give their best and complete data. Content with surplus keyword stuffing will stand nowhere in the search trends of 2019.

What is Google Actually Demanding from your Content?

1- Content should be of minimum 2000 words.

2- Every topic should be covered under one writeup i.e. the writer should provide everything in just one read.

3- Add LSI keywords in your content as they are favorite to Google.

4- Implement Such Content that never dies #evergreen.

5- Google’s Mobile-First Index will take you Higher

How many of you open your laptops just to scroll about one or two websites? In a research, it was estimated Over 60% of Google searches are preferred from mobile phones.

Therefore, it makes clear that to withstand with your website at the online portal, a mobile version of your website is very important.

What are the steps to role down Google’s Mobile-First Index?

1- Do not hide your content behind menus, buttons, add-ons or expandable sections.

2- Optimize mobile responsive designs.

3- Do not make your mobile site too heavy that the user is facing super slow mobile website page experience. It should be easy and fast to access.

Note: There are several Mobile-friendly test tool that will approve your site to become mobile-friendly or not. Get started by posting your website URL in the given box.

4- Check mobile website usability report in the Google Search Console once in a while.

6- Video is the Latest SEO Trend in 2019

Till the end of 2019, more than 80% of content will be displayed through video only and it is a trend that will never come to an end. Google has even started to mention the clips of videos in Google Image Searches. Forecasting the success of video in the SEO world, the online marketers have started to use “Video Featured Snippet” excessively. Your viewers are not getting over with the video? If yes, then increasing the website rank by inserting informative videos into your blogs.

7- Going Vocal with Voice Search

“OK Google” How many times do you utter this mantra? Seeing the rapid growth of voice search, it is estimated that till 2020, above 50% of the total population, will go with the voice searches.

FACT 1: At least 41% of adults and 55% of teens access to voice search every day. Read more.

FACT 2: Since 2008, the use of voice searches have increased by 35 times. Read more.

FACT 3: Among all the searches on mobile or tablet, 20% are voice searches. Read more.

Requirements to fulfill for Voice Search Voice Search Results

1- Your page should rank in the top 3.

2- Try to keep your content display at the featured snippet.

3- Do not forget to mention a column of questions and answers.

8- Content and Links are the Next Heroes

Google said, “content and links are the first ranking factors”. Always remember without outstanding content, you can not attain a link and without the links, you won’t get to the first rank. This also states that if you won’t get the first rank, featured snippet, Google’s Mobile-First Index and voice search are out of your reach.

Google’s Andrey Lipattsev unfurled that content, link and RankBrain are the top three factors for successful search rankings.

Google on July 20th, released quality rater guidelines. Everything was almost the same but one thing was majorly accentuated and that was “E.A.T”.

1- What is E.A.T?

Expertise: It states that the writer should be expert in his field. The write up must reflect the skills of the writer by making the content informative, honest and plagiarised-free.

Authoritative: The user deserves an authority of the content that he is reading. The creator should take responsibility for himself, his work and the website for he is working.

Trustworthiness: The creator should earn the trust of the customers for his main content and the brand. He should load the content with fact and information.

2- The Importance of Maintaining the Creator’s Reputation

You often prefer those main contents that are written by the reputable website or an expert writer of that field, don’t you? Reputation research includes the writer and the company for he/she is working. Also, use reputable external links and sources for gaining the trust of massive audiences.

3- Usage of Visuals

People prefer content that is loaded with good quality visuals. In research, business marketers revealed that visuals have been the most significant factor in ranking their content. For more accurate connotation, you must have noticed the drastic success of Instagram. Infographics and embedded images are the best to be chosen by a writer for better results.

4- Encourage Comments and Feedbacks

In the recent marketing years, comments have seemed to be the most unexpected factor to boom up any comment. In a statement, Google said, “Comments are better onsite for engagement for SEO than moving to social”.

9- Eliminate Zombie Pages Immediately

Every site has some pages that give nothing to the website. However, if the number of zombie pages increased, it will definitely bring your ranking down. Therefore, prune those pages which have the same content, no content or dummy pages and see the magic of increasing traffic.

10- Opt for Podcast

Want to build links? If yes, then go for the podcast for attaining more popularity. You will be stunned to hear that over 67 million Americans prefer hearing at least one podcast while going to work. This simply, means that in 2019, this can become the newest SEO technique trend to gain popularity among customers.

11- Technical SEO is the Key

2019 is said to become the major year for technical SEO. Marketers are recommending to invest in technical SEO by improving the speed of the website. Using PWA (Progressive Web Apps) can keep your respective website ahead from the league. Also, infuse the magic of javascript to make your website best.

12- Chatbots can become a Helping Hand

In a recent writeup of Busines Insider, an estimation was declared that till the arrival of 2020, 80% of companies will use chatbox to bring their business into the light. The software is efficient enough to provide reports about any news or any customer support functions. Facebook is already using for ten thousand different tasks. With this software, one can chat verbally with anyone.

13- Fixing Site with Google Search Console

It is important to maintain your website regularly. 2019 is going to be a critical phase a number of new entrepreneurs are going to step into business. Therefore, optimizing your site for conversations with Google Search Console can lead to healthy growth. The software is capable of detecting spam while website traffic, ranking, search results, site errors and redirect issues. It can also detect issues in your content as well.

14- Making your customer feel more Secure with HTTPs

The very basic aim of every website owner is to assure his customers with the viable certification. HTTPs is the grade up version of HTTP. It provides authorization, security and fraud-free transactions between the sender and receiver. It will act as a barrier to the unauthorized sources to connect with your any frugality.

15- Eliminate Keyword Cannibalization

It is always guided to emphasize keenly on the type of keyword you are using as it can impact a lot in ranking your website. Keyword cannibalizing refers to a situation when a single keyword effects multiple website pages. Many think that it will incur positive effects on the ranking. However, they are totally wrong as it will dimish the authority of the web page. Backlinks will be split between more than one pages. Your anchor texts and internal links will lead your audience to unwanted pages. Also, Google might pick the most irrelevant pages as it reads keywords.

In the Nutshell: Get your bag ready for a successful and win-win SEO marketing in 2019. Above given every point holds its own prominence. Therefore, nothing should lag behind. Always remember, your audience trafficking is the key to digital marketing success and each customer wants changes and something new in their loyal seller’s website.