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We can assist with paid search, social media advertising, and remarketing. We are a full-service PPC management company NJ.

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Who are we?

Strategizing Ideas That Bring In Effective Results For You

Red Dash Media, a PPC Agency NJ, provides proficient PPC management services. Our result-driven PPC strategies derive quality leads to your business that have a high potential for conversion.

We are one of the most reputed agencies for PPC in NJ, providing strong internet advertising with significant results for every business industry out there. Our years of hardship shows in our expertise and results. We keep a strong pace with market trends and technology upgrades to ensure a quality service delivery to our clients with maximized visibility, engagement, and conversions.

Our team has top industry professionals who are experienced in different marketing segments. We develop PPC marketing plans, based on your business module and implement ideas that bring you proven results. Our marketing approach focuses on your business growth by designing optimized and seamless websites. 

We use PPC and SEO strategies that are tried & tested to bring in higher rankings, and an entire digital marketing plan that boosts your social presence. 

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Years of Industry Experience

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Ready to Grow Your Business With NJ PPC Services?

NJ PPC Services

Cost-Effective PPC Solutions That Improve Your Business Growth


Search Ads

Paid search ads or sponsored ads are the most common form of paid search marketing. When a user searches on the internet for any specific product or service these pay-per-click ads appear in their SERP. These kinds of ads suit short sales cycles or one-time campaign promotions. We are a result-driven New Jersey PPC company offering effective pay-per-click advertising with high-quality results.


Display Ads

Display advertising is advertising through banners, text, images, video, and audio on a website where customers can know more about or purchase the products. It is a very effective mode of advertising to target and reach more customers. These ads are targeted based on a customer’s browsing history and they appear on Google’s partner websites. Our pay-per-click ads help you manage a lengthy sales cycle. 


Social Ads

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Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads help you reach customers who have a high chance of conversion. These pay per click advertising reminds and persuades the users who already visited your website or app to come back and continue with their purchase. The low competition makes remarketing ads cheaper in cost. Being one of the best NJ digital marketing agencies we recommend remarketing advertising services for great results. 


Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping ads are suitable for e-commerce and similar websites that have a high volume of products. These are a type of PPC ads that appear on the top or left side of the actual SERP enabling users to compare the features, quality, and price between different sites. Our New Jersey PPC Google Shopping ads are strategic so every time a prospect clicks your ad, it gets a high chance of conversion. 

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In-stream Ads


Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP)

Gmail sponsored promotions allow you to target users through their emails based on the domains from which they receive emails. GSP is a click-to-call model that prompts users to make direct calls and help in sales conversion. This PPC lets you target customers who are receiving emails from similar brands as yours. Our PPC Agency NJ plans GSP to maximize its targeting abilities and generate high-quality clicks.

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Local Services Ads

Local service ads are designed to help local business owners to collect direct leads through phone calls or messages. This is a pay-per-leads model which means you do not need to pay if a click is not converted into a lead. Local service advertising is available for specific businesses such as HVAC companies, electricians, plumbers, and locksmiths. Our local service PPC ads help small business owners grow fast.

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Amazon PPC Ads


Our Clients

Over the past decade, we have worked with over 400 clients across the globe, bringing success across multiple markets and businesses. We are your one-stop solution to all your digital marketing market needs.

Why Choose Red Dash Media As Your
NJ PPC Company?

We Can Improve Your Overall Business Growth


PPC Experts

Red Dash Media is an experienced NJ PPC agency with a team of expert Digital Marketing Professionals. Each individual is highly skilled and knowledgeable which shows in our proficient PPC, SEO strategies, social media marketing, and content marketing, among others.

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Proven Results

With a 100% record of proven results, we are the best choice for your PPC ads. We use well-researched techniques to deliver optimal results. Our aim is to provide high-quality content and PPC marketing services to your business and implement techniques that rank in SERPs.

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Integrated Marketing Communication

Red Dash Media understands your business model and implements the right PPC marketing services that will positively impact your ROI. We thoroughly analyze your business needs and execute digital marketing solutions that are beneficial and impactful for your business.


100% Client Satisfaction

We are NJ PPC experts and we develop powerful PPC marketing strategies. We are always on top of the latest software and technologies and are up-to-date with algorithms. Our team researches the market actively and help you achieve your goals and succeed online.

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Diverse Areas of Specialization

Red Dash Media holds extensive expertise in different digital marketing channels, such as PPC, SEO, and social media. Our experts are committed to creating SEO programs that are result-driven to help build your online presence and result in maximum conversions.

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Competitive Digital Analysis

We are the most updated NJ PPC agency with digital marketing and data analysis tools to help us understand your company and design sales-driven strategies to help you make a successful business. We build practical strategies that derive optimal results and conversions online.

Ready to Grow Your Business With NJ PPC Services?

Red Dash Media
Best PPC Agency NJ

Red Dash Media delivers high-competence PPC services with a proven track record. Our services include PPC Marketing, SEO, website designing, and social media marketing that will help you optimize your sales funnel with more qualified leads.

We always stay on top of new PPC marketing technologies and market trends to ensure a high-quality service delivery that is innovative and powerful. Our compelling solutions help you create effective brand awareness, and a strong online presence to generate a significant ROI.

We are an NJ PPC agency that values your business and provides professional PPC solutions that are completely focused on your business needs. We believe every business is unique and provide tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements. 

Choose our brilliant team to collaborate and take your business to new heights. Book a call today for an expert consultation.

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