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We are a responsive web design company in NJ or in simple terms we design websites that are multi-device multi-platform friendly providing you with an optimal viewing experience resulting in no zooming and panning over na dover again, which helps prevent the customer from bouncing off your website, and thereby potentially adding to your business.

A website contains a lot of elements such as design, content and creatives which come together to form a finished product worthy of garnering people’s attention. Our team of designers, programmers and writers come together to make a rich brew of content, design and creatives for your customer's pleasure. In today’s ever growing digital age, one’s digital image is vital to their business and it’s success, and hence being robust, modern and technologically advanced goes a long way in this endeavour.

The advent of a responsive NJ Web Design goes back all the way to 2002 when websites were designed to different screen sizes. Since then, with growing technological advancements, and a growing number of different screen sizes, responsive web design was born. A term that came to fruition a few years later. And we at Red Dash Media deploy the skills needed for responsive web design and present you with a product you can proudly show the world and call it your own.

Core Principles of Web Design

Responsive designs encompass certain principles or commandments that every designer adheres to. Grids are the essential building blocks in a website design and help align and position elements according to your preference. This lead to CSS bursting onto the scene, enveloping everything that grids do.

People will view your website on various devices such as laptops, phones, tablets etc and this will lead to different screen sizes and hence it is necessary to optimize them. This technique is called media query and has been around for a while and automatically loads the appropriate size of the website.

Websites works almost flawlessly when only text is involved but today’s modern websites include lots of media, i.e image and video, which can make things tricky and hence they are scaled to size through responsive web design based on the screen size and that ensures`` they work perfectly.

Benefits of Web Design

Building or revamping a website that entails a responsive web design assert their dominance over other websites since it comes with its own set of benefits, such as, a positive impact on SEO, which will help your website rank much higher on the search engine’s lists, which will also lead to increased traffic, lower bounce rate and higher conversions. Due to it’s responsive nature, user experience is enhanced exponentially resulting in happy customers. Also, adding your social media handles to the website is another advantage that helps escalate and upgrade social shares for your content, leading to better engagement across multiple platforms which exposes you to a new audience.

The above stated benefits are just some of the things that will help enhance your website and ultimately your business, leading you to grow by many folds. So get in touch with us and together we’ll rise above the competition.

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