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We at Red Dash Media perceive the difficulties your agency is facing trying to fulfill multiple SEO offerings. Our SEO reseller services provide optimal solutions convincing agencies with first-rate results. We aim at delivering the best solutions that satisfy your requirements.

What Our Clients Say About Us

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Our SEO reseller program's Partners Growth Together

There are plenty of agencies providing the best services. So, what makes us different? We have worked with top brands delivering excellence in all areas. Our program partners’ growth and success. Listed down are some of the brands we have worked with:-

Why SEO Reseller program work with you and Helps to grow your Business

Discussing whether going in-house vs hiring SEO reseller services is a big thing. Inspecting other providers and choosing the right one is favored. Trusting other teams’ work culture, their ability to deliver results in a desired time, and whether they are a good fit or not. These are the questions that arise in the mind of every agency when choosing an affordable SEO reseller. Our dedicated team helps grow your business by leaps and bounds providing mindful solutions.

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What is an SEO Reseller program and How to Choose the best SEO reseller company?

SEO reseller program allows marketing agencies to offer SEO services without hiring dedicated in-house staff. It is an association between a reseller providing SEO services and another digital agency providing digital marketing services other than SEO. SEO reseller providers help deliver high-quality SEO content through your own brand, without any hassle. This provides the agency with enough margin to expand its business.

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Red Dash Media's SEO Reseller Program Proven

Here at Red Dash Media, we believe in following a verified process that ensures bringing a reliable SEO solution certifying the best value to the potential agencies.

Global Free Research:-

All of our onboarding starts with a strategic SEO campaign. Our SEO reseller plan ensures success by recognizing opportunities, prioritizing quick wins, and going beyond the guidelines. We help in generating profitable leads and making a name in the digital industry.  

This point differentiates us from other SEO reseller companies. We don’t obsess over keywords tracked but believe in taking a strategic approach by planning tasks on a quarterly basis. We prioritize business opportunities, competition, and performance by utilizing the given budget. Also, we fulfill your expectations by clearly communicating the goals with each other. Our main focus is targeting performing areas when we are planning for long-term investment.

This is where we get into the depths of our SEO reseller program. Our focus areas include on-page optimizations, acquiring links, and technical optimization. We ensure smooth implementation with our relevant page-optimizing services. By improving authority and visibility we provide high-quality link building. Relevant keywords are targeted which help improve the site’s performance.  

Hire the Red Dash Media's process for Onboarding White Label SEO Program's Components

Different clients are searching for various types of services. That is why, not all SEO professionals are not going to be the right fit for every client. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to get the best fit for all your needs. Let’s take an example. The requirements of a local SEO client might be different from that of an eCommerce SEO client or any media or blog-style website.

Red Dash Media’s standard SEO campaign process is extremely beneficial for the following campaign types:


Priority Onboarding and Strategies

Our campaigns start initially with the onboarding process. During this time, we obtain the essential information from our clients and set up the campaigns while maximizing rapid gains.

Keyword Research and URL Mapping

Keyword research is the primary and most vital part of a campaign. Our SEO reseller program makes sure it is a high-return activity. URL mapping is the identifier a web server host uses to send HTTP requests for a particular HTTP method or a static file. This is a significant part of content creation and helps determine which semantic keywords would give results the most. This process helps to understand what type of content is needed. We give primary importance to keyword research and URL mapping.

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Responsive Page and On-Page Optimizations

We ensure better ranking in the search engine results pages(SERPs). These include optimizing the content and improving the page titles, meta description, and headers which helps improve page visibility as well as relevance.


Technical Improvement and Crawlability

Technical improvements include site speed, broken links, and loading errors while crawl ability is the ease with which a search engine is able to identify, navigate, access, and crawl on a page. These points are looked upon to ensure the success of a Business.

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Work On Quality Link Acquisition

To improve the authority of your website and search engine rankings, we build quality links from quality sources with proper text and infographics to ensure smooth visibility. Our strategies are clearly associated with working on quality link acquisition.

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Local Citations and NAP Listing

Local citations include mentions of the name, address, and phone number of local businesses. At Red Dash Media’s SEO reseller program, we analyze sources of citations and accurately list them all over social media and local directories.

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Target Content Marketing Support

With our expert services, we also help target the desired content and provide strategic marketing support for either the starting of content creation or ongoing content creation. We can also help you write your content.


Monthly Reporting and Analytics Analysis

With our agency, you need not worry about SEO reseller leads as we provide monthly insights and data access which help you measure the campaign’s success.

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Easy to Access our SEO Reseller Partner's portal

Here are five points to make project management easy to access on our SEO reseller partner’s portal:

The project management dashboard is the first thing a reseller will see when they log into our portal. It provides a quick outline of the ongoing projects, their status, and pending tasks.
Each project has a dedicated page that provides all the important information like project objectives, timelines, milestones, and progress updates. Resellers should be able to access this page easily at any time.
The project management section includes a task management system allowing agencies to assign tasks to team members, set deadlines, and track their progress. This ensures that all project tasks are completed timely and according to the specifications.
The project management section also includes a communication system that allows team members to communicate with each other, share files, and give updates. This helps ensure that everyone is on the same page and there are no communication gaps.
The project management section also includes a reporting feature allowing users to generate reports on the progress of the project, timelines, and results. This helps provide insights into the effectiveness of the project and proves useful for future planning and decision-making.

Popular SEO Reseller Packages That We Offer

In our SEO reseller program, we look for continuous improvement. Listening to feedback on our services is a part of that. Some of our most popular reseller packages available for agencies are listed below. 

Unquestionably, our campaigns rule incredibly in terms of popularity, value, and profitability. Our main focus lies in managing SEO reselling campaigns. These campaigns serve as an influential tool for generating considerable value for the agencies hiring us while also contributing additional revenue to their business.
We understand that not every agency we work with is not ready to dive into a long-term SEO reselling package without a trial. That is why we offer one-time optimizations and redesign consultations to provide value and results. We also provide assistance with web projects, and our redesign consultation helps rebuild a high-performing website.
Our SEO reseller plan helps gain access to high-quality and relevant links unique to our services. By building website authority through exceptional link building, we help showcase your success and drive impressive results.
Whatever support you need for content development or in a strategic content marketing plan, we help bring your vision to life. We provide support in an ongoing content plan as well as starting one and help implement first-rate results.
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Outsourcing SEO: Comparing the Benefits of SEO Reseller vs In-House SEO

Benefits of an SEO reseller:-



SEO resellers can be defined as professionals who are specialized with in-depth knowledge and expertise in search engine optimization. Businesses can excel in this area by hiring an SEO reseller and benefit from their up-to-date knowledge of the latest SEO strategies, practices, and techniques.


Reduces expenses

A business small in size would find it expensive to hire an in-house team but having an SEO reseller would be more cost-friendly. While investing in hiring, training, and managing an internal team can be high, for an SEO reseller, you pay a certain amount to the SEO reseller. This allows you to efficiently focus more on other aspects important to your business.

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Tools and Technology

SEO resellers have access to many of the SEO tools and technologies that may be costly for individual businesses to have. These tools are important for keyword research, analyzing the website, tracking performance, and reporting. By hiring an SEO reseller, you can have access to these resources without any additional expense.


Strategies and results​

SEO resellers often have experience working with multiple agencies covering various industries. They have tested and tried strategies known to deliver measurable results. By hiring a reputable seller, a business can benefit from its techniques and ability to achieve improvements in search engine rankings, web traffic, and online presence.

Drawbacks of in-house SEO:-

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Costly Investment

As compared to an SEO reseller provider, maintaining and building an in-house SEO is a huge financial investment. Hiring experienced professionals, and providing them with high salaries, benefits, and training is a big task. Also, there are costs associated with tools, software, and technology required for optimizing effectively.

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Limited expertise

SEO is a specialized field of learning and staying up-to-date with the latest algorithms, trends, and changes. In-house teams face continuous challenges to keep pace with changing SEO trends. They lack the required expertise and resources SEO resellers have. They can hamper the SEO efforts that may impact your website’s performance.

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Objectivity and Perspective

In-house teams work within the same organizational culture and may not have a fresh perspective about various things. They may find it difficult to identify opportunities due to the closeness of the company’s other operations. External SEO resellers are able to get fresh insights, data, knowledge, and perspectives that can boost SEO strategies.

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In-house SEO teams fulfill the needs of a specific company. If the business requires additional resources, scaling up the team may be a challenging task as hiring new employees, training, and combining them into the team can delay the process.

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Combining the Best of Both Worlds: A Comparison of White Label SEO and Reseller SEO

White Label SEO and Reseller SEO are terms that are frequently used similarly. The two typically differ on some fundamental levels, though. Here is our definition of reseller SEO for comparison’s sake:

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What is SEO for resellers?

With reseller SEO, you choose precisely which core set of SEO operations will be carried out for a customer and purchase the package from an SEO reseller to offer to them. In addition to the specific plan that was purchased, SEO reseller solutions sometimes don’t offer any amount of education, training, or support and aren’t highly customized depending on each unique website.

Following are the primary distinctions between White Label SEO and Reseller SEO:

SEO Resellers consist of a fully dedicated team of experts specializing in SEO services, website optimization, web traffic, and search engine rankings. They help in making and implementing SEO strategies for the agencies they work for.
SEO resellers provide support in the form of consultations, analysis, audits, and strategic development. They also educate the agencies about the latest algorithms and trends.
Unlike in-house SEO, SEO resellers ensure on-time delivery of the work assigned to them by other agencies and assure completing the work timely.
As compared to a full-fledged in-house SEO, SEO resellers offer economical prices for their SEO services which are proven to be beneficial for a business.
SEO resellers complete the work with ease and make the work easy to sell to the clients of the businesses they work for.

FAQ: SEO Reseller Company

We have worked with more than 100 clients all around the world. We are creators in addition to being marketers. From design to digital, we are focused on fulfilling your business objectives. We are truly dedicated to providing you with optimal solutions under one roof.

Also known as a reseller with branded SEO, a white-label SEO reseller can be defined as when an agency offers or sells SEO services under their brand to other agencies, but all the work is performed by another SEO company. When the SEO services are provided by another SEO reseller, the agency is able to better work on their other digital marketing services which is their niche.
SEO reseller pricing is the amount we charge when providing SEO services. It can be based on per project basis, monthly or quarterly basis. It does not solely depend on the projects or brands assigned but also on the time that is taken to work on the service and deliver results.
Our SEO reseller program covers SEO services like content development, website optimization, graphic designing, and SEO services as well. While other agencies serving similar services excluding SEO services hire us for SEO-related work.
Our SEO reseller affiliate program helps optimize the website code and content and helps improve the website ranking on search engines for specific keywords. Our program is a one-stop solution for your digital needs.
We believe in reselling top-notch SEO services delivering excellence. Fulfilling the requirements of agencies, our reselling services provide the most relevant and timely results.