8 Biggest Marketing Lessons Learned For 2021


8 Biggest Marketing Lessons Learned For 2021

8 Biggest Marketing Lessons Learned For 2021

With so many businesses migrating online in recent times, the digital space is more crowded with business than ever before. It takes a lot of creative planning and marketing execution to make your brand stand out among the crowd. Investing in building your online presence and brand awareness has become more important than ever. The following are some marketing tactics that will continue to have an impact on your digital marketing campaign in 2021. Check them out.

Social Media To Build Meaningful Connections

While social media marketing is nothing new but it will continue to play an even bigger role in making important connections with prospects and improving customer service. As screen time increased globally in 2020, more and more businesses have taken to social media platforms to connect with their customers. The businesses that were relying solely on foot traffic and traditional marketing strategies also took to social media, as being digital was no longer optional. While using social media platforms for building brand awareness, you need to keep in mind that your audience does not want to see a plethora of ads on their feed, what they want is entertaining, engaging, and relevant content so that they can empathize with your brand. Use social listening to curate creative social media campaigns that your targeted audience can relate to and also, to craft personalized social advertisements.

Take Action With Customer Data

Customer data is a key metric that can contribute to your business’s success and the importance of it has been highlighted even more with the COVID-19 pandemic. The customer data list makes it easy and convenient to connect with your consumers directly. While using user data also keep in mind that not all contacts are the same. When sending messages to your prospective customers you cannot send the same messages to everyone. Use email reports to find out what messages are the targeted audience is opening and clicking. Also, keep an eye out on the business actions that you wish your potential customers to take, and based on this you can craft new personalized messages for your customers. Use surveys to collect more user data and deliver a relevant experience to your customers.

Focus On Influencer Marketing

While influencer marketing still has a long way to go but it has become more prominent in recent times. More and more influencers are being taken seriously by larger brands and they are using the influencer reach to leverage their business. By investing in influencer marketing, you’re not just giving your brand more exposure but you’re also giving it a relatable identity. When done right, your business capitalizes on influencer marketing significantly.

Build A Strong Community

Users tend to invest in products and services from brands they trust in and what could be a better way to build trust among targeted consumers than to build a strong community. Having a strong virtual community can help maintain constant interaction with prospective customers and build credibility for your business, allow a convenient channel for maintaining conversation with your audience and retain valuable customers. In this digital era, people are incessantly connected to each other through the internet via numerous networks and channels and as a business, you can use the power of community to leverage your means of reaching new prospects, engage with them and influence even more people by sharing your knowledge and expertise. 

Using Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can significantly increase your sales, manage your marketing efforts efficiently, and helps your business succeed. If your marketing is not automated then soon you will find that navigating flows, budgets, campaigns, social media communication, email marketing, content, etc by yourself is very exhausting. Marketing automation has numerous benefits, it can generate better leads for your business. If you want to grow your business, leads are very important. By automating the steps between marketing to sales, you now have more time to focus on the overall marketing strategy and nurturing promising leads. A marketing automation software allows behavioral tracking like following the user’s journey, understanding their interests, and where they are in the purchasing cycle and this can help you prioritize the leads. Marketing automation also helps personalize the customers’ journey, nurture leads, and collect valuable customer data.

Allowing More Ungated Information

When you have a lot of gated content on your website, it can only lead to an increase in your bounce rates. Until recently, having gated content on the landing pages was the norm for gaining useful information. But nowadays, users are becoming more reluctant in providing their information leading to an increase in the bounce rates. By allowing more ungated content like offering a free eBook or a free consultation, you increase your chances of collecting more user information. Create more information to offer for free to the users in exchange for filling forms to collect more user data.

Chatbots To Promote Sales

Live chats and chatbots continue to have a strong impact on marketing efforts in 2021. When used properly, chatbots allow the users to find the information they are looking for quickly and improves the user experience. But you can not just install a chatbot and fail to answer the queries. You have to be ready to answer the visitors’ queries. The chatbot can be a creative way to collect various user information, it can be used to initiate a conversation, collect email information, and also offer customer support. 

Make Use Of Video Outreach

It is becoming increasingly difficult to catch the audience’s attention through emails considering the slew of emails they receive every day and it is also difficult to determine when they would be determined to invest in your business. Video outreach emails are becoming more and more popular and are a creative way to engage customers. By recording a personalized video and specifically addressing them can increase your rate of conversions. The purpose of video outreach is to show your targeted audience that you have done your homework and put some effort into contacting them. 

8 Biggest Marketing Lessons Learned For 2021

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